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Posture Matters Workshop

Can your posture be a root cause of your chronic pain or health problems?

Patty Abrigo-Naidenoff, Physical Therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience will help you gain a better understanding and foundation for optimal posture. You will learn the benefits of good posture, as well as the dangers of poor posture and dysfunctional movement patterns. She will teach you simple therapeutic exercises and ways to improve spinal and body alignment.

Space will be limited to 6 participants. A custom designed and made Posture Support Pillow will be raffled off to one lucky participant!

Call 419-677-0922 to register.


Mar 07 2020


9:30 am - 11:00 am


New Direction Health & Wellness
2924 NE Catawba Rd, Port Clinton, Ohio, 43452
“Patty’s functional yoga and personalized physical therapy is an important part of my healing process and focus on being healthier in the years to come. Patty’s focus on physical activity; balance, strength, and flexibility has made such a difference on the quality of my life post bilateral knee replacement! I highly recommend working with Patty.”
Cindy P.
Physical Therapy
"I no longer wobble while standing on one leg! With the help of Patty, I was able to regain balance and deal with equilibrium issues after having a tumor removed from my middle ear. Now, I can now do all the things I love, safely and effectively, including yoga, bc Patty helped me."
Nora K.
Physical Therapy
"I attended one of Patty's Posture Matters Classes and learned so much! I highly recommend going!"
Tammy S.
"You’re the only one that has offered solutions besides for meds, injections and surgery."
Jay N.
Physical Therapy
“Working with Patty has been life changing. She takes the time to fully understand the underlying issues causing pain then works with your individual needs to provide relief. She is readily available and always willing to help- extremely dedicated to her patients. After struggling for years with lower back pain, I now have ways to prevent and manage those chronic issues. I feel so lucky to have found Patty!”
Casey J.
Physical Therapy

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