Cancer Rehab and Navigation

Cancer Rehab and Navigation

Meeting you where you are on YOUR Cancer Journey

The uniqueness and compassion of our staff has allowed us to provide excellent care to our oncology patients. We attempt to address and support each patient’s specific needs through an evidence-based and integrated approach. Our program is also based upon personal staff experience and that of other cancer survivors.

Services Offered

Customized Program by Licensed & Certified Medical Professionals

Services provided before, during and after cancer treatments:

Navigation & Advocacy

Helping you find financial, resources, support, guidance and referrals to other wellness & health providers in the area. 

Insurance Coverage?

This is a Medicare and HSA covered service!

Anchored in Hope - Facebook Breast Cancer Support Group

Lead by Tricia Ebner, PTA, Breast Cancer Survivor, Cancer Patient Advocate & Navigator

Customized Rehab Program

Address issues of pain, mobility, balance, strength, fatigue, edema, brain fog through: