Physical/Occupational Therapy

Physical/Occupational Therapy

Our primary goal:  Get you back to doing the activities you love and improving your quality of life without pain or limitations!

Some Problems Physical/Occupational Therapists Address: I CAN'T...

What to Expect from your Initial Evaluation:

1. Time

60-90 minute, one-on-one session.

2. Review

Review of medical history and prior treatments. 

3. Assessment

Comprehensive, head-to-toe assessment of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems to find the root cause of the problem.

4. Diagnosis

Differential diagnosis and treatment plan established from clinical findings.

5. Recommendations

Recommendations given based on clinical findings and individual needs. 

6. Collaborate

Collaborative care planning with all wellness providers. 

Treatments and Follow up Visits

Based on clinical research and years of experience

Other services included in follow-up visits: 

Patty is now a Certified Sacroiliac
Joint Dysfunction Specialist

Providing innovative evaluation and treatment methods for every type of lumbopelvic dysfunction and pain. The average number of visits to treat chronic lower back and hip pain with these new techniques is 1-4 visits!
After the first visit, patients have been able to accomplish tasks they haven’t done in years, including:

Going up and down the steps without pain

Getting out of bed without assistance or pain

Putting on pants without difficulty

Riding a bike

Bending down to put on their shoes

Wearing high-heeled shoes

Sitting to eat dinner at a restaurant

Sleep without waking in pain

Medical Based Fitness Training

Located at Ernsthausen Recreation Center – Norwalk

How has Patty helped her patients?

"There are skilled professionals and there are gifted skilled professionals. Patty is gifted. When 3 other professionals told me I had one leg shorter than the other, Patty examined me very carefully and discovered I did NOT but instead gave me exercises and stretches to help adjust my legs and then help me with my pain and back/pelvic issues. On a long road trip, I texted her from a hotel room with an SOS that my back was in excruciating pain. She gave me advice via text and once I followed that advice, I was pain-free and able to continue on our long car trip. I love Patty. She is patient, very kind, and accessible. She is a God gift to those who are struggling with chronic pain."
Karen S.
"Patty was instrumental in evaluating my back issues and providing the exercises/stretching to get me moving again. She also checked in to see how I was progressing and provided progressive exercises/stretches as my needs changed."
Brent L.
"Patty is AMAZING! Her Yoga Physical Therapy classes helped me tremendously to not only gain a greater awareness of my posture, but have helped with my daily routine and reduction in lower back and neck pain. Her kind and gentle demeanor create an environment in which learning and healing can occur. I highly recommend her!"
Kim G.
"Through the years I have needed Patty´s expertise in several areas including, back, neck, yoga, physical therapy and even vertigo. I had been to physical therapists before seeing Patty but never had the results I achieved with her skill and knowledge. She is highly educated and passionate about giving the best care to her patients. I honestly feel that she is responsible for me being able to maintain excellent mobility and strength even now as I enter my seventies. I would recommend her to anyone."
Diana S.
"I have had amazing results after working with Patty Abrigo-Naidenoff, Finding a therapist that cares about their patients, wants to continue to grow and learn, and takes pride in their skills is key to improvement. When I started with Patty I was feeling a bit defeated. My rehab had not gone well, my previous therapist and doctor told me "this is about as good as you're going to get" I owe Patty a lot! I have come so far since beginning with her, I feel empowered and know I will be back to "normal" soon. If anyone is looking for an amazing physical therapist - I would recommend messaging Patty Abrigo-Naidenoff!"
Cindy P.
"Approximately 8 years ago I had a total knee replacement. Without her knowing me on personal level she knew and understood just what I needed to advance in my therapy and I came through with more mobility and strength than I thought I would. Fast forward a couple of years when I was back to see her after a severe shoulder injury that required surgery. Again, she worked her magic and got me to the point where I could work and function again. with her endless knowledge and ability I have not had to replace my shoulders. Patty is, by far, the most understanding, professional, and focused physical therapist I have ever been to. I strongly recommend her if you have any issues that need the best."
Dan A.

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