Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness

On-Site Analysis, Training & Prevention

MSD (Musculo-skeletal Disorders) Prevention Program

MSD (Musculo-skeletal Disorders) is a complex and expensive problem.  You can succeed in dealing with it through knowledge. You have to become an expert on it in order to control it.  Our job is to make the management team experts on dealing with and lowering MSD claims and costs, plus make employees committed experts on taking care of the working, aging body on and off the job.

“No-Lost-Time” is a program that has been used at over 600 workplaces over 25 years. This program is only performed by licensed professionals to ensure SAFETY.

No-Lost-Time Program is nationally recognized as one of the most effective and experienced ergonomics and MSD prevention programs in the US.

Workplaces have averaged 72% reduction in back & upper extremity claims following this program. The success of the program is based on simple, effective, low-cost prevention tactics that are easy to implement.

What to Expect...

1. On-Site Analysis of MSD Risks

We first assess the MSD problem, examine the workplace to determine the specific causes of the claims and the risk factors that make those claims too costly. This is the NEEDS ANALYSIS. This allows us to build a suggested ACTION PLAN, a list of various actions the company may take to fix their problems and decrease the risk for further injuries/problems. This allows us to prioritize that list of actions to assist the company in making the most cost-effective decisions on how best to proceed. Simple, direct, effective!

2. Management Training Sessions

After a risk analysis is completed, the next step is to educate all members of the management team, from top management to production supervisors [as well as union leadership, if this is a union environment] on our findings and what they can do to take control of the problem. This presents not only a description of what is wrong and how to fix it, it also corrects attitudes and policies that may have been contributing to the problem.

3. Employee Training Sessions

The next step is usually a unique employee training format where employees are educated on how to protect themselves from MSD problems and how to take care of the working, aging body. They learn personal ergonomics tactics and simple self-care steps that reverse work fatigue and tissue wear and degeneration. Employees love this because they hurt and want to know what they can do to stop that hurt. They try our suggestions and discover work can become much more comfortable. When employees better understand the problem and how to deal with it, they have a more constructive attitude towards the issue and become more productive.

4. Employee Training may also include:

MSD School (Back School + Tendinitis School)…
This is the core to MSD prevention… make everyone at your workplace an expert on MSD, what causes each one and how to fix it. This is a two-hour MSD School that educates and motivates individual commitment to fixing the MSD problem. The AGING worker… You cannot separate MSD from the aging process. They are intimately blended. We have modified the MSD School to address the AGING worker… how to take control and actually reverse (somewhat) the effects of aging on the musculo-skeletal system… very effective, highly motivating lecture-demonstration.