Yoga Physical Therapy

Yoga Physical Therapy

Classes and Private Sessions

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A unique combination of yoga practice and rehabilitative science.  Yoga poses are used to assess movement patterns, structural alignment, muscular imbalances, restrictions, core stability and balance issues.  Patty will be mindful of each participant’s medical history, conditions, pain and injuries.  The goal of this class is for people with therapeutic needs to experience the benefits of yoga safely and pain free. 

What You Can Expect:

Specialized Services

Specialized services are available through private sessions and small group yoga classes. 

Joint & Spinal Mobilization

Trigger Point Release

Soft Tissue Mobilizations

Manual Traction

Myofascial Release

Classes Held At:

All sessions are pre-registration only and available for 4-10 students per class. 

Join our private Facebook Group: PT Patty’s Yoga Physical Therapy!

Physical therapist showing a student therapeutic yoga pose

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“As a practitioner of yoga for over 2 decades, I know the many benefits for overall health of mind, body and soul. A few years ago, I began to take advanced training courses to learn how to integrate yoga into my physical therapy practice. With the many changes in the delivery of health care in the past decade, it has become apparent that there was a need to introduce other means of “exercise” into my patients’ lives to keep them moving well the rest of their lives. However, I was also seeing many people getting injured by doing yoga for pain relief without knowing what poses or movements to avoid because of their medical condition. I decided I could use my knowedge, skills and experience as a Physical Therapist and Yogi to bridge the gap between traditional medical care and an alternative healing modality to help more people feel better and move to their best ability.”
Patty Abrigo - Naidenoff
"I can’t say enough about Patty Abrigo-Naidenoff’s Medical Therapeutic Yoga class at Yoga for Mind, Body, and Soul! I attended because I have a history of low back pain and was particularly uncomfortable that week. I brought my 79 year old father with me who also has a history of low back problems, and we couldn’t be happier with the session and the results. First, Patty checked my back and gave me an adjustment and some quick exercises to prepare for the session. Then the session itself was part education, part physical therapy, part yoga. No worries if you are a beginner (like my dad) or advanced, she created a very laid-back, comfortable environment in a beautiful space. And even though it was a group session, she worked with each individual to personalize each stretch based on our experience and abilities. Patty is an expert in her field, has such a kind and supportive nature, and is clearly very passionate about her work and helping others to be their best! At the end, we each received personalized exercises and stretches based on what we told her and what she saw during the class. Within days I was pain-free! Thank you Patty! I look forward to returning soon."
Karen B.
“Patty has helped me in many ways especially with my posture. I have learned to be more aware of sitting and standing the correct way and I feel great!”
Cindy M.
“I always tell people what an advantage it is that you are also a physical therapist!! The class feels very personal because you always ask about physical concerns and what would be helpful for each of us during that class. It's always obvious that you care about each of us."
Lisa H.
“The Norwalk High School cheer squad and coaches loved having Patty come in and do a yoga session with us! It was so refreshing and energizing. The session taught us so much about stretching, posture and breathing through each motion. It was great for all levels of skill! I highly recommend her class!!”
Jenny B.
"Patty's classes are rejuvenating and helpful. Because of her professional background as a PT, I never have to worry that she will ask me to do anything in class that will damage my body. Her initial evaluation before I started class was very valuable and I have seen progress in my areas of physical weakness. Highly recommend Patty! "
Sue W.
"I attend PT yoga as a means of self-care. Attending class on a regular basis has helped me manage chronic conditions without the use of medication or surgical intervention. I enjoy starting my week with Patty, making my health a priority."
Dana F.